Herbal Consultations

Herbal Consultations are One-on-One, private discussions concerning your Health, Wellness & Nutritional Habits. 

A diagnosis from a physician is preferred but not necessarily required.  Herbal Formulas are both Nutritional and Medicinal and can affect people differently, that is why you find an expert like me with over 10 years experience Creating Custom Blends for individuals and private labeling for Practioners, Doctors & other Herbal/Tea Companies. 

Always consult with your medical practitioner whenever necessary.

I am willing to work with your physician!

  Finding an formula that’s right for you-

Kerri Bailey, CH, BS

Integrative Herbal Practitioner

$20 Custom Blend  (Online)

 Includes: 10 minute consultation or email and 2oz Tea blend or Powder Blend. 

$45 Consultation (Online)

30 minute Consultation or email, Report and Herbal formula. For those with more serious health concerns and taking medications. 


Refills $15 Previously Blended Tea or Powder Supplement (2oz) or  Tincture (1oz)

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