Gemstone kit includes 7 mini sized chakra stones, tin or organza bag & instructions.

Chakra Gemstone Kit

  • Gemstones have been known to helps us connect energectically. Each has it's own vibrational energy that help to Activate, Align & Balance each of the 7 major Chakras.

    • Quartz- 7th
    • Amethyst- 6th
    • Sodalite-5th
    • Rose Quartz or Green Agate-4th
    • Citrine or Yellow Agate-3rd
    • Tiger's Eye or Carnelian-2nd
    • Carnelian or Hematite-1st

    Each kit comes with Instructions, a Case/Bag and 7 stones. These stones have been pre-cleansed, ready for use! There are also meditation excersizes and other helpful tips on how to use the kit.

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