Herbal Rescue balm is made with all natural ingredients and perfect to help heal cuts, scrapes and soothes sunburn. Herbs are infused into Sunflower oil, blended with Coconut & Shea butters, Bees wax and Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree & Lemongrass Essential oils.

Herbal Rescue Balm 2oz

  • A must for your herbal medicine kit! Balms have many uses and have a long shelf life.

    • Cuts, Scrapes & Sores
    • Chapped, Dry Skin
    • Hands, Feet & Lips
    • Bug Bites & Stings

    Made with all natural, organic ingredients. Has a minty, herb scent.

  • We make our products in small batches in ensure quality & consistancy. Our use only all natural , organic ingredients- no fillers or artificial ingredients. Contains: Herb infused sunflower oi;, coconut & shea butters; bees wax; peppermint, rosemary,eucalyptus, tea tree & lemongrass essential oils. 

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