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Rejuvenation January


Rejuvenation January- Make 2019 a New Year, New You. The holidays are gone, but we still may hold on to many memories (both good and bad), old wounds and family drama/stress that may surface in physical ways. So why not put together a program for yourself for positive, lifestyle changes. I hope these upcoming classes, blogs and suggestions may help you or a family member!

Detox- Rid yourself of toxins collected from 2018- emotional, physical and chemical. Baths, Teas & Supplements can help you remove, eliminate while hydrating and adding bio-available botanical nutrients. (read my upcoming blogs on Detox Baths, Detox-total body cleanse, Detox Teas)

Self-Care-Take time to care of yourself on a regular basis- pamper, preen and protect. Have regular, weekly sessions for self-care, meditation and exercise. Limit your online & social media presence! I personally do not let social media rule my life, I have too much to do- creating, writing, teaching & gardening- and so do you don’t you? I would research foods, herbs and diet plans that work as lifestyle changes rather than diet fads (look for my upcoming diet blog). Sleep and Hydration are as important as food! Get your Daily Power 8 - 8 hours of Sleep & 8 glasses of water (see my blog on Alkaline water-why you should not drink it).

Plan- Buy an extra calendar, plan your whole year as you envision it. Make a list of events to plan for like: seed starting, spring cleaning, special events, etc. I also download the lunar calendar and Farmer’s Almanac to use as a guide to help my plan my garden and planting tasks. Add to your events, goals & tasks onto your calendar, try to be Mindful of this as a guide, but also don't beat yourself up when you miss a task!

Maintain a positive attitude, a smile on your face and a healthy outlook for the new year. Take a class, learn something new, experience a new feeling or go somewhere you have never been this year. Keep in mind that we control our own path, live it well. I wish you all good luck, health & prosperity in 2019!

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