Winter & Spring 2021

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, my in-person classes have been moved to online Zoom format.

Pierce College- Puyallup, WA

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Class Costs: $29 each

 Pacific Time Zone 


Chakra  Workshop- Sat. Feb. 20th  11-12:30pm - Chakras are our bodies inner energy centers that help us function on all levels. When we activate our Chakras we help to heal emotional wounds and physical ailments, balance our circadian rhythm and enhance inner peace. Class includes a handout, Chakra Test and eBook.


Pruning Your Landscape - Sat. Feb. 27th 11-12:30pm - This class will take the confusion out of your pruning chores. Once you know when, how and what to prune- at the proper times, you will achieve an amazing landscape! We will discuss how & when to prune trees, shrubs, fruits, canes, berries, vines, grasses, perennials as well as dead heading and dormant spraying. Bring your questions and images for the instructor if desired.  Includes a handout and eBook

Natural Yard Care –Saturday April 17th 11-12:30pm- When we let nature work, life is easier. In this class, you will learn the difference between traditional vs. organic gardening methods and why it makes a difference. Using 6 Natural Gardening Guidelines we will discuss Creating/Using Compost, Importance of Mulch, Fertilizers, Beneficial Microbes, Aquaponics and Companion Planting methods. Learn natural pest control methods, how beneficial insects can control pests and how to identify plant diseases & treat them. Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants… Includes an eBook and Handout.

Edible Year-Round Gardens- Sat. April 24th 11-12:30pm - Combine function with form by using edible plants in your landscape. Flowers, fruits, herbs, and veggies can be both attractive and useful for cooking, baking, fresh eating and for beverages. Learn which plants you can grow and when, that can be used for crafts, cooking, canning while cut down your grocery bill. We will discuss warm season vs. cool season veggies as well as growing techniques and planting by the moon phases. Includes an eBook and Handout. 

Students will learn a variety of organic growing techniques for indoor and outdoor success from a horticulturist with over 20 years of industry and gardening experience here in the PNW.


Weekend Garden Warrior – Sat. May 15th 11-12:30pm – Learn how to create a paradise in your own backyard. We will discover several gardening DIY projects you can do in about a weekend or less- container gardens, raised bed ideas, garden art and even small water features. Join Horticulturist Kerri Bailey as she shares her over 20 years’ experience in the gardening and pond industry. There is so much information and ideas packed into this class! Includes a handout and eBook.


Herbs Everyday- Sat. May 29th 11-12:30pm. Herbs are food and vitamins as well as medicine- that is why it is important to use them on a daily basis. We will also discuss the different herbal supplements and how to infuse herbs into your lifestyle from a practicing herbalist with 30 years’ experience. Class includes a handout & eBook. 

Herbal Medicine Chest- Sat. June 5th 11-12:30pm. Learn how to stock your herbal medicine chest with easy to make home remedies using herbs, spices, and other natural ingredients. Fun to do with friends and family. Explore what you can create in your own kitchen and share with friends and family. Join Certified Herbalist Kerri Bailey as she shares her 30 years of experience and recipes with you. Class includes a handout and an eBook.

Students will learn how to make- herbal vitamins, tinctures & extracts, balms & butters, herbal sprays, essential oil blends, tea blends and bath salts.