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Herbal Elements Academy



Herbal Elements Academy is your learning solution for reliable, accurate information about Herbal Medicine, Organic Gardening and Personal Enrichment.

I founded this in 2015, starting with in person classes at my local colleges in the Tacoma, WA area- Pierce College, Highline College &SPSCC.

After teaching these classes for the past 5 years, our next step is to make these classes available for everyone with  the interest.

I have  2 levels of classes, the first are single session or class series for those that are interested  in Herbs, DIY & Gardening as a hobbie or to benefit your family.

The next level is for those who wish to learn more and recieve a Certificate in several areas of study. I am in the process of getting this together, if you are interested in a particular classe, please email me:    

Online Programs starting this Fall 2020!

Certified Herbalist (Level 2-1)

 Integrative Herbal Practitoner (Level 2-2)

Certified Organic Gardener

Chakra Balancing Practitioner Certificate

We are currently updating this page, stay tuned!                                                          

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