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Herbalism or "Herbal Medicine" is based on utilizing Herbs and other Natural Substances is the following ways:

1.Nutritional Benefits- herbs and other plants contain vitamins and minerals and many other phytonutrients. Cook with fresh & dried herbs; Drink Teas; and consume Supplements (smoothie mixes or capsules). They are better utlilized than commercial vitamins in our bodies. Whole Herbs also work better than standardized extracts that are a concentrated chemicals (Berberine, Green Tea Extract) that can cause more harm than good. 

2.Medicinal Benefits- for targeted health issues, build  system or reduce (like inflammation, pain, fluid)

3.Personal Care- Baths, Topicals, Essential Oils. Skin care.

Holistic / Herbal Medicine Vs. Using “Drugs” - Drugs treat symptoms, not getting to the root of the issue/problem.

3 Functions of Herbs How they work in our bodies:

1. Eliminating & Detoxifying.

2. Maintaining; counteract symptoms, allows body to heal itself.

3. Building- tone & replenish.


"Focus on preventative measures, when you can. Practice Moderation, Diversity and Avoiding Extremes!" Kerri Bailey, BS CH  


What is

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Flower Composition
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