2020 - Summer & FALL Classes Pierce College

Continuing Education, Puyallup, WA

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Summer Classes

Edible Year-Round Gardens-  Saturday July 18th 10-11:30am - Combine function with form by using edible plants in your landscape. Flowers, fruits herbs and veggies can be both attractive and useful for cooking, baking, fresh eating and for beverages. Learn which plants you can grow and when, that can be used for crafts, cooking, canning while cut down your grocery bill. We will discuss warm season vs. cool season veggies as well as growing techniques for indoors and out. Includes an eBook and Handout. 

Students will learn a variety of organic growing techniques for indoor and outdoor success from a horticulturist with over 20 years of industry and gardening experience here in the PNW.

Healthy Iced Teas- Saturday July 18th 12-2pm. Cool down with a refreshing glass of your favorite iced tea concoction! Learn how to brew and blend your own delicious & nutritious creations using black, green, red and herbal tea blends using several methods. Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, so versatile it can be a healthy alternative to sugary drinks- great for parties & cocktails.  Class includes a handout with recipes, iced tea samples and eBook. You will have the opportunity to make your own tea blend to take home if you choose, $5 each paid to the instructor. 


Herbs Everyday- Saturday August 1st 10-11:30am. Herbs are food and vitamins as well as medicine- that’s why it is important to use them on a daily basis. Choosing which herbs work most effectively and duration can be confusing and intimating. In this class you will learn why and how this process works by understanding herbal energetics and the three body types or doshas. We will also discuss the different herbal forms and how to infuse herbs into your lifestyle from a practicing herbalist with 30 years’ experience. Class includes a handout & eBook. 

Herbal Medicine & Culinary Garden- Saturday August 1st  12- 1:30pm  There is nothing like the taste of fresh herbs & flowers straight from the garden! When you grow your own herbs, you are assured of their quality while adding your personal energy into these plants. In this class you will learn how to create & care for your own organic garden stocked with herbs best used for cooking, medicines and making amazing tea beverages. We will discuss growing techniques in soil and in water (Aquaponics) as well as how & when to harvest & storing herbs for later use. Includes an Ebook and Handout. 

FALL Classes 2020

Putting Your Garden to Bed. 9-12-20 Sat 10:00-11:30am. Learn what you need to do to prepare your garden for fall and winter months. We will cover how to take care of your landscape as well as what you can plant during this time. Includes a year- round garden schedule & cool-warm season veggie guide, handout and eBook.

Natural Immunity Boosters. 10-3-20 Sat 10:00-11:30am. Learn how to increase your immunity naturally using several techniques including certain foods and herbal supplements. We will cover how to prevent colds, flu, and general immune enhancement. Class includes a handout and eBook.

Herbal Medicine Chest. 10-10-20 10:00-11:30am. Learn how to stock your herbal medicine chest with easy to make home remedies using herbs and other natural ingredients. Fun to do with friends and family. Class includes a handout and eBook.

Chakra Connections Workshop.10-24-20 10-11:30am.  Chakras are our bodies inner energy centers that help us function on many levels. This class covers the basics of the 7 main Chakras and how to align & balance them using crystals, essential oils, meditation and herbs. Class includes a handout, Chakra Test and eBook.

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