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Brewing Tea

Drink your nutrition- vitamins and minerals in each cup!

Tea Thyme

Tea is the numer one beverage in the world ( aside from water).

There are hundreds of types with or with out caffiene that contain

vital phytonutrients like protiens, flavinols, vitamins and minerals. 

Tea is either from the "tea plant" Camellia sinensis or other plants, herbs

and spices we call "tea".

Bring some spice to your life- drink one cup of tea today!

Herbal Tea

How Many Cups Should You Drink Per Day?

How many cups of tea you drink is up to you. Caffeinated teas may be enjoyed in the morning to early to mid afternoon depending upon your sensitivity.

Herbal or non-caffeinated can be enjoyed anytime of the day but may be of benefit during the afternoon and evening to help relax and prepare for sleep.

Drink Tea 1-4 /cups /day

depending upon the reason you are drinking tea- for specific health reason or as a beverage

Cozy Winter

Drink Tea with
the Seasons

Drink tea everyday, but vary what you drink. Switch blends, try tea hot and cold. Consume cooling teas with herbs and flowers during the hot seasons, while consuming spicy, warming teas when it is cold outdoors.


 Drink Hot Tea to Warm You,

Drink Iced Tea to Cool You.

Spiced Chai
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