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Ubi's Cafe a.k.a. Ubiquitous Journey was my home away from home until it closed on 12-24-17. It was an awesome retail store and cafe located in Tacoma, WA.
As staff Herbalist at Ubi's for 8 years, I provided herbal support, knowledge and guidance for my clients and Ubi's customers through my Formulations of Custom Blends as well as developing my own line of Skin Care, Supplements, Teas and Tinctures.
I also specialized in Herbal Consultations for those wanting to target specific health issues; detoxification programs; maintain, build and provide nutritional support using herbs customized to the individuals needs.
 I continue to provide these services online and locally you can find me at Pierce College in Puyallup, WA (see and the Classes page) I have added 2 additional schools- Highline and South Seattle Colleges!
If yo would like to meet me in person, we can schedule a consultation in the Tacoma, WA Area.
Or I have by appointment only in Puyallup- Mondays at Sweet Relief Acupunture 4121 Meridian S Suite 1-C
Email: for more details. Thank You! Kerri
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