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Learn How to Grow Herbs in Your Yard, Balcony or Indoors 

Growing Herbs


There are hundreds of different herbs and edible plants you

can grow outdoors in your landscape, garden and in containers. Many can also be grown or started indoors.

Learn more about growing herbs- take a class in person & online  and visit our sister site-

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Growing Herbs 

Growing herbs can be a very rewarding endeavor as you can provide food and medicine home grown whileyou can benefit your landscape and garden with companion plants that support pollinators and plant diversity.

Practice Natural Yard Care tips, using organic gardening methods  


Natural Yard Care Tips:

 Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants  


How does Organic Gardening differ from Conventional Gardening?  Organic gardening feeds the soil. Traditional relies solely on chemicals.  Traditional gardening uses chemical fertilizers produced with inorganic salts and recycled industrial waste products.  This approach deadens the soil, killing the beneficial microbes (Mycorrhizae). The plants are then dependent upon receiving the fertilizers as it sole means of capturing nutrients. Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungus that lives on the roots helping the plant break down nutrients in a symbiotic relationship.  90% of terrestrial plants use mycorrhizae- exceptions aquatic plants, epiphytes and orchids.


  1.  Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants

  2.  Right Plant = Right Place   

  3. Create Balanced Ecosystem

  4. Attract Beneficials-Repel Pests

  5. Accept Minor Damage

  6. Think Twice Before Applying Chemicals & Pesticides

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