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Restore You

Restoration refers to the renewing and rejuvenation of our body utilizing quality nutrition,  balancing our inner clocks, and eliminating toxins that have built up for months or even years. The beginning of each year is a great time to start a rejuvenation program but anytime you feel sluggish, tired, irritable, sleep poorly, suffer from inflammation, and have dull skin or hair there is a good chance you are due to "restore you".


There are 4 main action items we can employ to feeding your body with quality foods, maintaining internal  balance, and by eliminating metabolic wastes through detoxification processes. Each of these points will be expanded further in additional blogs, refer to the links following each point.

How do we start a rejuvenation program? First, determine and identify : What are Your Desires and Goals? For example, increase energy, lose weight, or maybe just feel better? Make a list of the things you want to change for yourself, arrange items for Daily, Weekly and Monthly / Seasonal. Treat your body as a whole entity. Refer to New Year, New You and Planning with the Moon Phases blogs for more details and suggestions.

Second, Examine your Diet and Lifestyle. Ask yourself- What are you eating? Are you drinking enough water?   Getting enough exercise?   Think about Feeding Your Tree.  Give your body=tree what it needs: Good Quality Nutrition, Whole Foods, Proper Hydration and Regular Exercise. Decrease or eliminate your intake of processed foods, excess salt, alcohol & sugar; fast foods, sugary drinks/soda.  Maintain Balanced, Regular Sleep Habits, and experience Joy. Your Attitude Matters! Feed your Rainbow- Follow the Shade Method. Refer to Supercharge with Superfoods Blog.

Third, Maintaining Homeostasis. Our body’s processes function in cycles by positive or negative reinforcement to balance our Thermoregulation, Osmoregulation and Excretion. These processes work like a thermostat, it is set at a level and runs until it needs to stop. Then turns on again when needed. When we push ourselves too hard for too long a period of time- our “thermostat” keeps running and the processes to stop it won’t turn it off. That is what autoimmune diseases are like, the mechanism to turn a process off is malfunctioning. Reset (if possible) by practicing moderation, feeding your tree what it needs and balancing circadian rhythm.    

Balancing Circadian Rhythms. 24-hr sleep / wake cycle. Each of our body systems has a clock, with our brain being the master clock. Sleep is so extremely important, that is the time when our brains detox during REM cycles. Practice going to bed and waking up around the same times every day. Take short 15–30-minute naps if you to catch up on your sleep debt. Yin & Yang. Refer to Maintaining Body Balance Blog.


Lastly, we can do a long, slow Detox program to help cleanse our body’s systems. Depending upon your age, lifestyle, level of exposure, we are all exposed to toxins and metabolic wastes that build up in our tissues. The Detoxification Process Takes Time To Work. Fast Fad Cleanses May Actually Be More Harmful Than Good. Especially the First Time You Cleanse. Your Main Goals for Detoxing is To Minimize Previous Exposure From Toxins Through Healthy Diets, Hydration, Herbal Supplements, Exercise & Reducing Stress; and to Eliminate Toxic Build Up.

Utilize Adaptogen Herbs.  Customize Your Detox Program to Accommodate Lifestyle, Preferences & Change Your Level of Toxicity. Choose Which Methods Work for you.

Detox Process Should Be Done Slowly, with One Organ System At A Time. Refer to my Blogs on Detox by the Body Systems.

This is a start to a long journey, which takes time to be effective. Remeber that not all substances are appropriate for everyone. The article is for educational purposes; not to replace the advice of your Doctor. The information has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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