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Detox for a New You- Try the Chakra Total Body Cleanse part 1-7

Detoxification is a series of normal processes our bodies go through to eliminate toxins. It involves Two Phases- Phase One- makes fat soluble molecules more water soluble. Phase Two involves various proteins (enzymes) to bind these intermediate products so they can safely be eliminated through the bowel and bladder. From time to time we need to help our body out by doing a “Detox or Cleanse” program to eliminate excesses leading to many health problems.

That is why it’s important to do a slow, longer cleanse to allow both phases to process rather than fast cleanses (like the 48 or 72 hour) that often results in feeling worse rather than better. Don’t fall prey to quick cures or the one miracle supplement every one is currently talking about. Whole Foods & Herbs are the best most “natural solutions”. Supplements than are chemical derivatives of single constitutes may also not work as well as the herb in its whole form. Remember that Herbs are food containing vitamins and minerals so think of Herbs as Natures Vitamins!

Depending upon your age and lifestyle, we build up toxins from our environment, workplace, home and from what we consume- food, drugs, alcohol, etc. and what we apply Personal Care Products and toxic energies from others that cause emotional & mental stresses or poisons. People often ask- How often do we need to Cleanse? Our bodies may need to be cleansed on a semi-regular basis with the main goal to minimize exposure from toxins through healthy diets, exercise, reducing stress, drinking plenty of water and balancing our mental, emotion & spiritual states. Once or twice times a year is probably all most people need. The New Year is the most popular time people “detox” and a great place to start!

What are the Symptoms that you may need to Detox? If you are feeling sluggish, irritable, have sore joints & muscles, skin rashes, sleep problems, headaches, excess weight, constipation / diarrhea then you could benefit from a Total Body Cleanse!

How Do We Cleanse? Cleansing with herbal teas and encapsulated formulas are a great addition to the detox process but it should be done slowly, and with one organ system at a time to experience the full benefits.

Chakra Model- First, cleanse the Colon and the intestinal system, followed by the kidney & urinary systems; liver & gallbladder; blood & lymph; lungs & respiratory system and lastly the skin. Each detox program should last from up to a few days to a week or two depending upon your body’s individual needs. More exposure=long cleanse or more fequently (1 week every few months)

1. Colon Cleansing. It’s crucial to first focus on colon cleansing, rebuilding and toning to allow a clear passage of eliminated toxins and removal of stored fecal waste. Aromatic and Bitter herbs help to purge the colon (laxatives) then revitalize the intestinal system with toning and strengthening herbs for support with demulcent herbs & increasing bulk.

Laxative herbs can cause contraction of the bowels: Strong Herbs- Senna, Cascara, Rhubarb root, Buckthorn & Aloe juice….Mild- Triphala, Rose petals, Fennel & Licorice, to name a few. Use laxatives with caution as they may cause cramping and dependence if used too often.