Fall Classes 2020 SPSCC

South Puget Sound Community College

2 campuses- Lacey or Yelm- closed.


Lacey Campus 4220 6th Ave SE

Lacey, WA 98503  360-709-2000

Yelm Community Center


Edible Year-Round Gardens   Tues. 9-8-20 6-7:30  
Combine function with form by using edible plants in your landscape. Flowers, fruits herbs and veggies can be both attractive and useful for cooking, baking, fresh eating and for beverages. Learn which plants you can grow and when, that can be used for crafts, cooking, canning while cut down your grocery bill. We will discuss warm season vs. cool season veggies as well as growing techniques for indoors and out. Includes an eBook and handout.

Students will learn a variety of organic growing techniques for indoor and outdoor success from a horticulturist with over 20 years of industry and gardening experience here in the PNW.


Putting Your Garden to Bed for Winter   Tues. 9-27 6-7:30
Fall is one of the most important seasons for your garden! Learn what you need to do to prepare your garden for fall and winter months. We will cover how to take care of your landscape, garden beds, irrigation and water features as well as what you can plant, mulch and fertilize during this time. Includes a year-round garden schedule & cool-warm season veggie guide, handout and eBook.


Create Your Own Herb & Spice Blends   10-13-20 Tues 6-7:30
Put a little spice in your life, or at least in your food! In this class we will discuss herbs and spices that can enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes, as well as adding extra nutrients. Learn how to make your own seasoning blends for your family or give as gifts. We will cover Asian, Mexican, Indian and Mediterranean single and combination blends like Curry, Garam Marsala and the Peppers plus many more. Includes a handout, herb & spice cooking chart, recipes and eBook.


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