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Planning with the Moon Cycles 2024

It seems that there really is something to scheduling your planting with the moon phases, science has proved it. The theory is based on the effects of the alternating gravitational pulls the Moon has on the ground, much like our ocean’s tides. During the New Moon moisture is highest on the soil surface and as the gravitational pull begins to increase leading to the Full Moon, the moisture distributes downward wicking deeper into the soil.

  • Connection with the Earth and its Cycles – Gravitational Pull, Tides. Ebb & Flow

  • Working with the Seasons & Mother Nature – Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry

  • We Get More Done When We Plan

  • Create a Realistic Guide to Accomplish More


There are so many Benefits of Planning with the Moon Cycles that can help us take better care of ourselves, family members, pets and our household.

  • Creating Healthy Habits & Personal Rituals

  • May Make us Healthier, Pay More Attention to Our Health

  • Things Tend to Work Out Better

  • Teaches Us to Live in the Now

  • Be More Organized, Accomplished

  • Self-Discovery - Prioritize What’s Important to You, Learn Something New


What We Plan For- Herbal, Gardening, Daily & Weekly Essentials

  • Herbal Remedies, Tinctures, Teas

  • Self-Care - DIY Beauty, Personal Care

  • Pickling & Canning, Harvest & Drying

  • Gardening- Planting Seeds, Starts, Transplanting, Fertilizing

  • Daily Essentials- Meditation, Mindfulness, Grounding

  • Your Other Personal or Family Needs


Moon Phases & How they Affect the Earth. Full Moon Names. Moon Energy.

The 8 Moon phases are split into 4 quarters starting with the New Moon that pulls moisture upwards- a great time to start seeds- proceeding to the 1st quarter as the Moon light increases. This is the best time to plant Above Ground Crops- Annuals & Perennials that produce seeds outside of the fruit- Lettuces, Greens, Chard, Sorrel, Spinach, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Strawberries, Celery, Grasses and Grain Crops.

The 2nd quarter approaches the gravitational pull lessons, especially 2 days before full moon. Plant Above Ground Annuals & Crops that produce seed inside of fruit-Beans, Peas, Melons, Cucumbers & Squashes, Eggplant, Peppers and Tomatoes.   

During the next phases after the Full Moon, the gravitational pull is high as the light begins to decrease. During the 3rd quarter it is best to plant things Below Ground- Root Crops-Carrots, Potatoes, Garlic, Onions, Bulbs, Perennials, Trees, Shrubs, Mowing Lawn and transplanting OK.

In the 4th quarter the gravitational pull decreases with the moonlight becoming a period of rest. This is a great time to Harvest, Cultivate, Fertilize, Prune and Transplant.

This example is great for planting your garden and as far as other aspects of your life- New Moon is time for New Beginnings, Increase and the Full Moon is time for Endings and Decrease. Planning also keeps us mindful and in the “now” or present.


 Planning by the Month  -   2024 Planning and Planting by Moon Phases. Write your intentions on a list, then add them to your calendar or favorite APP. Use this as a guide for the year. Each year you do this it will get easier and you will find that you accomplish more, are less stressed about life in general because you have a bulk of it planned out- less worrying, less stress.













Get a 2024 Calendar- Add Your Personal Touches.  Or have your Monthly Pages on Zip File- Print or keep on device

A great resource is the Old Farmer’s Almanac which can guide you daily with suggestions and informative articles about gardening and life hacks. Also check out my New Year, New You blog

Interested in learning more? Take my Planning with the Moon Cycles Course.


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