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Going through a stressful time in your life? Work Insane? Have Panic Attacks? then you may want to try this. Relax Remedy is made with herbal alcohol extracts of Muira Puama, Kava, Oatstraw & Skullcap. This is a strong remedy, not for daily use of more than 60 days in a row.

Easy to take- just add 1/2 dropper full in water, tea, juice or other liquid, or for faster results- add under your tongue and hold for several seconds, then swallow.


Kava can be addictive, and if overused may react unpreditably. If you need a long term anxiety control, then you may wish to try Anti-Anxiety Remedy Tincture instead, read my blog on dealing with Anxiety and Sleep issues.  


Always consult with your physician whenever needed, especially if you are taking prescription medications that could react with herbs.

Relax Remedy Tincture 1oz

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