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Welcome to
Herbal Elements

This is your Herbal Medicine Education Destination. We strive to provide accurate, reliable advice based on Science, Herbal Literature and over 30 years Experience.

If you want to learn how to take charge of your health, create herbal products or grown your own edibles sign up for a class, one-on-one consultation or customized product development program. Herbal Elements also produces amazing holistic herbal products such as:

-Topical Sprays, Oil Blends & Balms

-Herbal Supplements, Tinctures & Tea Blends

-Custom Formulas & Recipes available

-Personal Consultations, Chakra Balancing

-Online Classes & Course Kits - Coming Soon!

-Product Line Development, Wholesale see Faire      

        Our Philosophy  

My name is Kerri Bailey, BS CH. I'm a Biologist that specializes in Herbal Medicine & Horticulture, founder of Herbal Elements, Herbal Elements Academy and The Pond Pad. I have spent most of my life studying and working with herbs, growing plants, developing products and writing.


For the past decade I have dedicated much of my time teaching herbal medicine, gardening, pond and personal enrichment classes in person and online on Zoom. (Online Classes Here as well as and

Read more about me by clicking the link below, and follow me on social media.

Our Philosophy at Herbal Elements

is based on the following principles:

1. Whole Herbs = Whole Foods. Use "Whole Herbs"whenever possible, rather than consuming concentrated "active or single ingredients" such as Berberine.  Herbs are food,  they can Build, Maintain & Enhance our diets. Healthy diverse diets allows our bodies to function properly.

2. Practice Moderation. Avoid extremes-  strong doses, fast results and high levels of stress. Instead focus on maintaining & achieving the balance of our Circadean Rhythms everyday- proper sleep, hydration & nutrition.

Practice cultivating a positive attitude that focuses on being grounded.  

3. Use Herbs Seasonally.  Herbs are intended for either short or long term use. Rotate herbs throughout the seasons- utilize warming herbs during the colder months and cooling herbs during hotter months.   


"My Garden is
   My Laboratory"
~ Kerri

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Herbal To Do by the Month

Each month has a theme, energy and vibration. Find out what you can do each month to live seasonally.

Centralia College
classes available on Zoom.
Read more about each class and find out how to sign
up, click link below



Pierce College
in person classes located
at the Puyallup, WA campus.
Click on the link below for class details
and sign up information.

Spring 2024 Garden & Herbal Classes-
See Organic Gardener Certificate and
Kitchen Herbalist Certificate classes(below).
You can take just one, or as many as you like, take them all and receive the certificate!  

Winter Classes - Pierce College.png
Spring.2024 Classes - Pierce College.png
Organic Backyard Gardener Certificate.2024.png
Kitchen Herbalist Certificate.2024.png

in person classes located at the
Lacey, WA campus. For class descriptions
and sign up details on how to sign up,
click on the link below.

Winter 2024- SPSCC.png

2024 Garden
in person Classes


Pond Care Classes

Plant Propagation Workshop-
April 30th 12:30-3:30 Puyallup, WA       National Garden Club

Bonsai Workshop, Create Your Own- ​ 
We are currently working on our schedule

Zenith Holland Nursery. Click Box for more details and to sign up.

Beautiful Bonsai
Stone Mortar and Pestle


We offer a variety of Consultation Services and One-on-One Zoom classes:

-Herbs & Supplements Suggestions

-Customized Herbal Supplements, Teas & Tinctures

-Herbal, Gardening, Pond & Personal Growth Classes

-Yards, Houseplants and Pond / Water Garden Advise

Herbal Treatment

Product Development /
Wholesale Opportunities
on Faire

We have several product lines available for private labeling or if you are interested in having our products at your shop, store or other retail location, check out the link below.  

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