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Herbal Energetics

ENERGETICS VS. SYMPTOMNATIC Choosing Herbs by using Herbal Energetics

Symptomatic: Using herbs based on symptoms of illness- example willow bark for a headache. Does not treat the cause of the illness or in this case, a headache.

Energetics: Is based on applying herbs depending upon their energetic effects on the body. This method uses herbs more efficiently and effectively, getting to the root of the illness.

Hot / Cold Energy: Vitality of Expression, herbs act in our bodies in a certain way having a heating or cooling effect. When we can determine the energy of the individual, then we can determine energy of the herb needed. (See "What's Your Dosha")

Herbal Energetics. Herbs have their own “energy” that varies from

Hot → Warm → Neutral→ Cool → Cold depending on the herb.

We also have our own energy within our bodies- some of us run “hotter” or “cooler” than others. We can use this information to help with our choice of which herbs to use. The goal is to be a balance of neutral heat energy- so If you are “hot” use cooling herbs, and if you are “cool” then use warming herbs to heat up.F or a Chart on Herbal Energetics click here- articles:

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