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Muira Puama

Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides aka Croton eschoides) is a South American herb often referred to as “the Viagra of the Amazons”. It has been traditionally used by natives for centuries as an energy tonic, general health remedy, aphrodisiac and to improve sexual dysfunctions. This herb works well for men for Erectile Dysfunction, increase sex hormone production and possibly to increase size &/or performance. For women, Muira Puama can enhance orgasms, increase sexual desire and fertility.

Muira Puama’s short term herbal actions work by increasing blood flow in the pelvic areas in both men and woman and with long term use actually enhances sex hormone production. The roots have been studied by the UCLA School of Medicine showing a significant improvement in both sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.

This may be a great herb for you to try if you need to:

  • Increased libido

  • Decrease Stress

  • Enhance Libido

  • Increase Fertility Hormones

  • PMS and Menstrual Cramp Remedy

  • Tonify Nerves and Muscles

  • Improve Gastrointestinal Functions

Muira Puama also known as “potency wood” has few side effects, unlike its counterpart- Yohimbe. The root and bark is primarily used in teas, although the capsules and extracts maybe more effective. Combine Muira Puama powder with Catuaba Bark powder in capsules for increased energy, increased libido & erections and enhance mood (central nervous system stimulant). Body Builders- this may be a great combination to help naturally increase muscle mass and testosterone levels without the use of synthetic hormones. As an extract use Muira Puama alone, or combine with Ginkgo for increased neuromuscular function, reduce anxiety and to improve sexual performance & libido.

As a tea, combine Muira Puama with herbs with similar action like Rhemania Root, Ginger Root and/or Sarsparilla Bark for a tasty energy tea and overall health enhancer.

If you plan to use this herb for fertility, remember that you must discontinue its use at the first sign of pregnancy.

If you are not interested in making your own blend, then try one of Herbal Elements formulations- Fertilli-Tea aka 2nd Chakra Tea, Energy Extract and Body Boner Capsules, custom formulas are also available. shop at

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