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White Tea is made using the stretching bud and first two leaves of the tea plant. Harvested just as the plant awakens from winter dormancy, it is minimally processed in order to preserve its natural freshness. As with all white teas, it has a wonderful sweetness. The unique twist of this tea is its green taste that resembles honeydew melon, which can be attributed to the unique Kumaon soils.

The Kumaon region was first planted with tea in the 1850s, but was too far from any port to get the tea out of the mountains. The tea experiments were abandoned, and for the last 170 years, the tea has thrived in the wild. Beginning in the 1990s, the government initiated a program to revive tea growth as a way to create rural livelihood opportunities.

AROMA and TASTE: Sweet, slightly floral aroma. Grassy with a subtle fruity finish.

BREW TIME AND COLOR: Golden. 3-4 minutes.


White Tea - 1oz

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