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What's Your Dosha?

What are Doshas? Ayurveda is an Ancient Indian medicine based on fundamental energy of life. It is based on 3 Doshas: PITA, KAPHA, VATA, which are energetic body types.

Our Ultimate goal is to be “Tri-Dosha”or the equal balance of all three

doshas, in a harmonious balance.


Creative, Quick-witted Determined, Strong Willed Strong, Calm, Soft

Soft Hearted, Romantic Passionate, Tough-minded Sensuous, Heavy Body

Curly Hair, Dry skin Red Hair, Freckles, Blonds Dark, Wavy, Curly Hair

Wind Fire & Water Earth & Water

Thin, underweight Normal Body weight Over weight, thick

WHAT’S YOUR DOSHA? Circle / underline one per question, the one that best suits you.


1. My hair texture dry, curly, wavy straight, fine thick, full of body

2. My hair color med./lite brown blond, red, grey dark, black

3. My skin tends on dry side delicate, sensitive oily, smooth

4. Complexion darker freckled, reddish lighter

5. For my height smaller bones average bones larger bones

6. My weight thin, hard to gain average heavy, gains easy

7. My energy level fluctuates moderate, high steady

8. Temperature dislikes cold dislikes heat dislikes damp cold

9. Hunger level vary, no interest intense emotional eater

10. Food preference warm, moist, oily cold warm, dry

11. I generally eat quickly moderately fast slowly

12. Sleep patterns interrupted, light sound, moderate deep, long

13. Sex interest strong if involved or low moderate to strong low to moderate

14. Most sensitive to noise bright light strong odors

15. Reaction to stress anxious, fearful irritated mostly calm

16. Emotional moods change easy intense, quick temper even, slow temper

17. Trait describes you vivacious determined easygoing

18. This evaluation made you feel: indecisive annoyed sleepy

ADD HOW MANY FOR: _____________ _____________ _____________

You are: ________________________________________________________________

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