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Herbal Sprays, How to Guide

I finally finished my first EBook, Herbal Sprays, - handy guide to help you make your own herbal sprays for household use- cleansers, pest control and room fresheners; as well as personal fragrances free from toxic chemicals, dyes or other harmful ingredients. I also included recipes and tips on how to make a tincture and essential oil blend. So the nice thing about selling on is that you can download or print for a reasonable price. Here is the link to order your copy today!

I like to call my line of herbal sprays- "Fragrance with Benefits"- scents that actually benefit your skin while smelling great! I produce a dozen or so different sprays in small batches to preserve the quality and freshness. If you are local to the Tacoma, WA area, then you can try out a tester at Ubi's aka Ubiquitous Journey . If you can't stop by. then you can find my sprays online or make your own creations! There are so many combinations of scent profiles that is should be hard for you to get bored!

This publication is one of a series of 12 that will compliment my herbal studies program due out in Winter 2017 see for additional details.

I hope you enjoy making herbal products for yourself, friends and family.

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