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March- 7 Things to do in the Garden Now

Spring Fever Alert it is right around the corner. Are you ready? I sure am!

March- 7 Things to do in the Garden Now, some suggestions for you.

1. Planting. In the beginning of the month March 5th is the new moon- which is a great time to plant by seed – cool season veggies (Broccoli, Lettuces, Kale, Greens), summer edibles (Tomatoes, Peppers, etc) & annuals (Pansies, Calendula, Snapdragons) indoors to be put outside mid-April to late-May. Add color to pots and containers- Heather, Primroses, Hellebores.

After the full moon on the 20th is best time to prune- mid to late part of the month. Also, Plant root veggies- direct sow- onions, potatoes, carrots, beets, garlic, etc. and Summer Blooming Bulbs- Lilies, Daylilies, Peony, Crocosmia.

2. Apply Organic Fertilizers- granular dig a trench, scratch into soil or apply to soil surface and cover with mulch like – planting compost, soil building conditioner or acid lovers mix- depending upon your plant’s needs. Landscape and container plants that are winter and spring bloomers.

3. Weed/ Blackberry control- Cut back weeds and other unwanted plants to remove &/or weaken them- especially blackberries. Use a combination of white vinegar, salt and soap dissolved in water inside a spray battle. Apply directly to unwanted leafy weeds. Cover larger areas with a tarp or black plastic for several weeks to kill weeds using the sun solarization method.

4. Winter Storm Cleanup- if you haven’t already….pick up branches, trim broken branches, rock removal in the lawn.

5. Lawn- over-seed or apply sod to patches in your lawn or wait until early April. Apply moss control if needed- once moss is dead, remove and replace with seed/compost mix.

6. Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees, Berries and Asparagus. Apply organic starter fertilizer (read directions on the package) and planting compost combined with existing soil (1/2 and 1/2).

7. Attend a Gardening

Class at Pierce or Highline Colleges- I am offering several- March 16th- Pruning Your Landscape and Create Lawn Envy. March 31st Create a Bonsai Tree Garden at Zenith Holland. April 13-27th Garden Secrets Revealed…for more details see our classes page.

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