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Herbal Consultations are one on one conversations (by phone, in person or by email) pertaining to your health and well being. You may wish to have a more natural approach to your health by adding Herbal Teas, Tinctures &/or Supplements to your diet. Not only do herbs supplement Nutrition, they contain Medicinal components.


As we are all different and may be taking a mixture of pharmaceutical medications it can be tricky trying to determine which herbs will work best for you given your current situation.


So what I can do for you is to determine and create custom blends. This can be done via email-  or fill out the consultation form on the home page. You must purchase a consultation before a blend is made. This can be shipped to you. If you are not taking medications, then try the $20 Custom Blend instead. Refills are $15.

Herbal Consultation

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