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Warm up with a delicious cup of high quality tea. They help flush out toxins, digest your meals and they add important phytonutrients to our diets.  Lapsang Souchong  is the famous Yan Xiao Zhong Chinese Black (Red) Tea. Leaves are withered over pine fire, giving this tea a delicious smokey aroma and flavor. Great as an everyday tea, good for Gong Fu tea or English style with cream. Serve hot or cold.  


This succulent tea especially palatable for those that do not enjoy the sharpness typical of green teas. Cinese Red Teas (black tea) are unique because of how they are fermented which produces a diverse arrangement of black leaves. This tea is tasty, full bodied, with a mildly smooth aftertaste. Highly recommended to those that enjoy the health benefits of green tea but have a hard time with its lingering, semi bitter taste. These are sure to appeal to the senses of both the black tea lover and the green tea lover.


AROMA and TASTE: Lightly perfumed with an earthy hint. Well- rounded flavor with little tannins (are astringent). Low acidity. 

BREWED COLOR and TIME: Light Red. 3-5 minutes or longer for stronger tea


Lapsang Souchong Smoked 3.25oz

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$8.00Sale Price
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