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What is an Herbalist?

People ask me all the time

"What is an Herbalist?"

My response is that an Herbalist is a professional person trained and experienced in the art of using Herbs and recommending their use to others. The training is schooling either by attending an herbalist course in person or online along with numerous years experience working with herbs in their respective forms. There are different types of Herbalists and many that specialize in using specific herbs (Chinese or Ayurveda Herbalists) . I consider myself a Clinical Certified Herbalist (is my education & training) and use all types of herbs-Western, Chinese & Ayurvedic-given the situation.

I believe the need for trained Herbalists will increase in the coming years as people are looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and are wanting to take charge of their own health. We now all have access to Google, which can make accessing information easier. But the downside is that everyone thinks they are an expert in everything, and many don't realize that the information online is only as good as the source. Herbs have many benefits and actions- but every herb is not appropriate for everyone. That is why consulting with an experienced & trained herbalist is important.

So, the other question people as me is "What does an Herbalist Do?"

Herbalists do many things- Write, Teach, Grow, Consult and Create. I think most of us write or at least try to find the time to- either by blogging or producing written print. Some of us teach-either locally or online. Consultations are probably the best way we connect with our clients on a one-on-one basis. During these sessions we find out what is needed and recommend or make an formula that is customized to the unique needs of the individual. Creating herbal remedies, products & formulas are probably the best way people know us by. Probably the most fun, at least for me is growing herbs and using them in my products.

I consider myself fortunate to be able to consult out of an awesome herb & spice shop- Ubi's Cafe (aka Ubiquitous Journey)- where I specialize in making custom teas and powder formulas for my clients and have my Herbal Elements product line available. I am also able to teach there through my own school Herbal Elements Academy.

Those interested in becoming an Herbalist or want further information about Herbalists and Education, visit and

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