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Healthy Teas

Why Drink Tea? Tea has many Nutritional & Health benefits and can even help you loose weight, detox and fight illness.

Traditional "Tea" and Herbal Tisanes may contain some of the following:

  • Caffeine-black, mate, green, white

  • Amino acids & Proteins

  • Carbohydrates

  • Potassium

  • Major minerals and trace minerals

  • Manganese

  • Fluoride

  • Polyphenols-flavonoids

  • Antioxidants- catechins

Polyphenols in tea help prevent the formation of potential carcinogens in the body and may help with certain types of cancer, such as ovarian cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and bladder cancer. Some studies also show that tea may help prevent stomach cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and oral cancers (especially for those who use tobacco products).

Teas can help with Weight Loss by helping burn fat, add real fullness and hydrate. You can also gently Detox your tissues, joints, organs and skin with Teas by focusing on one system at a time.

As with anything, Balance is the key. How many cups to drink/day- up to 5.

Learn More this Saturday Jan. 13, 2018 from 12-1:30pm @

There are always Precautions with any product, so research interactions as Tea may interfere with medications. You also want to stop taking herbs & tea 2 weeks before surgery. Some individuals react differently (heart conditions, kidney), too much Fluoride may cause health problems. Consult with your Doctor before starting a new program, especially if you are Pregnant, have a pre-existing condition or taking pharmaceuticals.

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