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3 Crystals for 2019- New Year, New You!

Manifestation happens with Intention, Focus and Determination. Try using these 3 crystals- Aragonite, Celestite & Malachite- to help you in this coming year with attaining your goals. Keep them on your mantle or night stand, wear them or make a power grid (see below).

Focus on each of the following questions while holding the corresponding stone. Then Write down your answers on a piece of paper, then- Either bury the paper outside in the garden or a container planter, Keep on your vision board or Place under your power grid*.

1. What do you want to take with you into the New Year 2019? Aragonite

2. What are you Leaving Behind in 2018? Celestite

3. What do you want to Manifest in 2019? Malachite


Aragonite with its many points radiates Peace & Love- things to bring into 2019. It also aids in allowing you to Release the Past Wounds and Energetic Blockages.

Celestite helps you connect with your third eye and is a major Stress and Anxiety Reliever promoting Peace & Harmony. It helps reduce Obsessive Behaviors & Bad Habits- things to leave behind in 2018!

Malachite is the Transformation stone, perfect for Manifestation in 2019. It is connected to the heart & love energy aids in restoring Balance. Also enhances Focus, Creativity and Intuition.

Power Grids can be set indoors or out, but with these I would recommend indoors in a special place, on a flat surface. Smudge the area, clear your stones in salt water or moonlight (blood moon Jan. 20th 2019) prior to using. *Arrange your stones on top of a mirror or agate slice with clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz or Citrine in the middle. Leave this for at least a month or more until you feel it working for you. Maintain this area, do not let it get dusty. Be Mindful of your goals for 2019, stay true to your path while loving ourselves in acceptance of our uniqueness.

If you would like to learn more about using Crystals & Chakras take one of my classes at Pierce College 2019 – Smudging: March 2nd; Chakra Workshop: March 2nd & May 1st and Crystal Connections: June 15th

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