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Alkaline Water- Don't Drink It!

Why You Should Not Drink Alkaline Water

I have told many people that the gimmick of “drinking alkaline water makes your body alkaline” is just that- a gimmick. It doesn’t work that way. When you drink water it collects in your stomach before it is absorbed, filtered and excreted. Our stomach should have a ph of 3 in order to digest our food- you want your stomach to be acidic. When you drink Alkaline water it raises the ph in your stomach causing digestion problems and many others such as: nausea, vomiting, hand tremors, muscle twitching & hand/feet tremors, confusion, plus many more or unexplained- seeping or irritated nipples. Please research and make educated choices about your health. Read more about Alkaline water follow these links:

If you are interested in having your body be more “alkaline” then do it with your Diet-the foods you consume and hydrating with clean, filtered, near neutral water! Refer to the chart below to see which foods fall in which category. Eat more foods that are on the Alkaline side

I would like to thank my cousin Angie for calling me a week ago and informing me of what their doctor warned about the dangers of drinking Alkaline water. I had visited Las Vegas in September and we discussed the benefits & supposed benefits of alkaline water and I gave my opinion about the topic, which no one believed. I told them it did not work and may even do harm, and know they know by seeing it first hand. Be wary of the many quick fixes and miracle cures you see online!

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