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Anguishing Anxiety

Anxiety is a common condition that many people experience chronic sensations of fear, nervousness or panic. Normal, appropriate levels of fear or uneasiness are natural and needed to help keep us alert to danger, unlike Anxiety which can become a “habitual response” feeding itself. Over time, when symptoms become excessive or at high levels for long periods of time, this often leads to many health problems such as Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, High Blood Pressure and Lowered Immunity (which can lead to other health problems). Anxiety is also linked to Sleep Disorders, Mood Swings and Forgetfulness.

Why do so many of us have some various degree of nervousness or anxiety in our lives? For various reasons- psychological, nutritional and emotional reasons unique to the individual, and of course- stress! Dealing with Anxiety in an Integrative manner starts with first-Identify Why, then try to Balance those levels by:

  • Reduce levels of daily stress- practice regular, daily habits with a positive attitude- train your brain!

  • Practice Calming & Grounding Exercises, Meditation, Yoga

  • Journal Writing or Coloring – “creative or healthy venting”

  • Herbal Teas and Supplements- see below

  • Avoid excessive Alcohol, Sugar & Caffeine

  • Get Regular, Good Sleep- 8 hours! Helps balance Circadian Rhythm (see my upcoming blog)

  • Get Regular Exercise – 3+ days a week whichever type, low impact or high

  • Take Calcium & Magnesium Supplements- or detox baths with Epsom salts- counteracts Lactic acid build up that can cause some people to become anxious certain times of the day.

  • Try Herbal Teas, Tinctures or Supplements as nutritional & medicinal support.

Herbs for Anxiety- taken by Tea (1), Tincture/Extract (2), Supplement/Capsule/ Smoothie Mix (3) or Aromatherapy methods using Essential Oils (4). (Number)=Methods of Administration:

Nervous Stomach- Fennel (1,3,4), Ginger (1-4), Passionflower (1-3)

Calming Herbs- Brahmi (1-3), Catnip (1-3), Chamomile (1-4), Ginkgo (1-3), Kava (1-3), Lavender (1-4), Linden (1-3), Skullcap (1-3)

Sleep Issues- Ashwagandha (1-3), California Poppy- low doses for nervousness & high doses induce sleep (1-3), Schisandra (1-3) Valerian night terrors(2,3)

How you choose to deal with anxiety may be a very personal issue for you. Always discuss your options with your doctor, as they know your health history. Herbs and essential oils may react with pharmaceutical drugs you are taking. If you need a customized supplement or an herbal consultation visit here or Shop at Herbal Elements.

The following information is for educational purposes and not meant to replace treatment or advise from your physician.

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