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Full Moon- 3 Things to Do

Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse on Jan.20-21, 2019 will be one of the most powerful Wolf Moon. This is a great time to make some changes leaving behind what no longer serves you while moving forward with your dreams and desires. Now is the time to make this happen!

3 Things to do during this special time:

1. Make a list of what you need to Decrease or Eliminate - be specific: weight loss, depression, negative people, etc. Make another list on the other side of the paper of things you want to Increase- be specific: properity, health, wellness, etc. Place this list outside during the Full Moon with the Increase side downward, Decrease side facing the Moonlight. This will draw your intentions downward into the Earth, helping to solidify and ground them. The other side that is exposed to the Moonlight will help release blocked energy allowing for elimination. The next morning take your paper of lists and burn it or bury it into the garden- it may be rainy :(

2. Cleanse Your Crystals & Gemstones- Time to Cleanse & Recharge your stones! Place your collection outside on a flat surphase all night during the Full Moon. Arrange them so they are not touching each other (an inch or 2 apart is OK), they need their space.

3. Make Gem Elixir- This is my secret ingredient I use as the water base for my Herbal Energy Sprays. It is really easy to make. Only use Crystals & Gemstones that are Not Toxic- no Malachite or Azurite. I usually use 7 Stones that reflect the Chakras- Red Agate or Jasper, Carnelian or Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst and clear or smoky Quartz.

1. In a clean clear glass bowl(s) add your clean stones (rinse in salt water bath) and set the bowl on a flat, level surface or table outdoors where the moonligh will pass over. Then Add fresh, clean water into the bowl to an inch or so from the top.

2. Leave out all evening. In the morning, retreive your bowl(s) and pour the water out into a cleaned (and boiled, sterile) jar 3/4 full. Add Vodka to the rest of the jar to help preserve your Gem Elixir water. The left over water I drink as a treat! I use the same stones and bowls so I leave my stones in the bowl for the next time I make this.

3. This Gem Elixir is a great base for herbal sprays, tinctures or other elixirs, "holy" water or drink shots of when you need a pick me up. Store in a cool, dark place or refrigerate. It should last a while, several weeks or months. Shake it before use and if there is particles floating around then is probably time to discard it.

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