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Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening is the new rage, once again. Like the seventies, we are decorating our window sills, entry ways and bathrooms with Orchids, succulents and blooming foliage plants. The reasons may be a bit different now than in the past. Nasa has done studies proving the amazing air cleaning qualities houseplants have that improve our indoor atmosphere. But many of us turn to gardening inside our homes for many other reasons:

-Indoors can extend your growing space for certain crops. Yard sizes are shrinking, leaving home owners smaller spaces for growing veggies, fruits, herbs and other edibles that can help supplement our healthy diets. Growing food indoors can increase your nutritional intake by sprouting seeds or growing microgreens or herbs near a bright window or kitchen counter.

-Seed Starting. Don’t have a greenhouse? Start your seeds indoors 1-2 months before you plan to acclimate them outdoors. In winter- start cool season plants to go outdoors in March or April. In early spring, start warm season plants to go outdoors in May.

-Over Winter Tropical & Seasonal Plants. There may be many plants you want to try to grow indoors- exotic hard to find to seasonal holiday favorites. Citrus and other tropical fruits can also be grown indoors, with some being more challenging than others.

-Propagation. Take Cuttings or starts from houseplants or other plants. Make more for you or give as gifts. Indoor growing projects are great learning tools for kids.

Whatever your reasons, Indoor Gardening can be beneficial for everyone. To Learn more, take my class, Indoor Gardening-Sat. Feb. 16th at Pierce College, call for more details or to register 253-864-3330 or visit or

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